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  1. How To Design And Organize Your Laundry Room

    Having a laundry room inside your house is a big deal. Like many others, you don't have to haul your dirty linen and your sartorial belongings in the public or constantly save or worry about your quarters for the local neighborhoods laundromat. Sure, the laundry room may not be the most important one in your home but if your home is blessed with a space to wash and fold your clothes, it is indeed a huge bonus and goes a long way to make it a complete home. Now, having an in-house space

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  2. How to spring clean your kitchen in 7 steps


    When the long winter fades and you let your windows wide open to let some sunshine in, you
    also need to

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  3. Covid-19 Updates

    Covid-19 Updates


    The health and well-being of our valued customers and employees is our top priority at The Cabinet Saver. With the COVID-19 coronavirus now impacting our daily lives, please know we are committed to ensuring The Cabinet Saver is operating safel

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  4. RTA vs. Big Box Store

    There are many ways that a customer can purchase cabinets for their kitchen or bathroom. There are custom built cabinets, big box store cabinets or ready to assemble cabinets. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages that the customer needs to consider when they are purchasing their cabinets.


    Custom cabinets and Big Box Stores are the most expensive option when it comes to purchasing cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom. These cabinets are made to spe

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  5. How to Measure for Cabinets

        Without question, the most important component, in the process of designing a kitchen, bathroom, or other room, for which you will need to purchase cabinets, is an accurate set of measurements for the space to be built, installed, or remodeled.

    Although it is not, by any means, a difficult process it is critical that this step i

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  6. How To Choose a Cabinet Color and Style

    Cabinets are the most important part of designing a kitchen or bathroom. There are thousands of different cabinet styles and colors available out there. Some can be custom built to fit your space and some can be shipped directly to your home or business in a ready to assemble form. Custom built cabinets are typically much more expensive. They require long periods o

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